" I have been working with Margaret in a large IMI funded project, where she wrote reports from large scale meetings and supported the writing of manuscripts on the system by aligning, coordinating and editing the scientific papers. Her work was precise, proactive and crucial to get all papers delivered and agreed on by the large groups of stakeholders."

Miriam Sturkenboom


Margaret and I have worked on many projects and we always have effective collaboration for successful deliveries for Sponsor. Margaret is knowledgeable and highly experienced as a medical writer for development of protocols and study reports in the clinical research industry including Real World Evidence (RWE) late phase research. I could always rely on her high quality work. I would definitely work with her again.

Kelly Moon

Senior Statistician, large CRO

I have had the pleasure to meet and work with Margaret during my tenure as Publications Manager at Sanofi Pasteur. With her long-standing expertise in the field of scientific and medical writing Margaret had been a key partner for helping me to educate my teams about scientific and medical communications and for developing high-quality publications. I would be delighted to work with her again in the future.

Sandrine Buisson

Sanofi Pasteur

Margaret Haugh's skills and experiences are multiple and complementary. In addition to her background as a biochemist, she acquired experience in clinical research methodology during the years she spent in the research department I headed. Her role in writing reports and articles for publication trained her in medical writing on the one hand, and the intricacies of scientific publication on the other. She performed this role very well, as the team's list of publications shows. In addition, she participated in several research projects on the transmission of biomedical knowledge to the end users, practising physicians. This is how she came to accompany me in the adventure of the Cochrane Collaboration. After being the linchpin of the French Cochrane Centre, she played an independent and important role in this organisation. She increased her experience in the transmission of knowledge and refined her knowledge of the circuits of this transmission. This experience was further enhanced by her participation in international networks on medical publishing. Who could be better suited to her current job?

Jean-Pierre Boissel

Retired Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, UCB, Lyon, 1 and co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Novadiscovery